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 Material Solutions

Experimental scheme

Digital experiment preparation program

Experimental units: Dongguan City Weima Machinery Co.,Ltd

Partner institutions: Central South University

One, the experimental requirements:

In 1, 1 dispersion machine dispersion impeller using Teflon dispersion wheel;

II gum impeller fixed screw head with POM seal;

In 2, the grinding medium with a clean import new zirconium beads, bead diameterφ 0.1~0.3mm;

3, cleaning solvent with 3 buckets of distilled water ( or water ), 8 Vials Bottles of distilled water;

4, from the body portion of non-woven abrasive related parts, cooling kettle, solvent solvent barrels, dispersion mixer section, and with distilled water to clean, do not have any contaminating impurities;

5, is expected to open, not a fan, to prevent dust or other contaminants into the grinding material;

6 of all, in the process, the operator must keep your hands are clean before operation, necessary to bring non-woven white gloves or latex gloves;

In 7, a feeding pipe and a circulating tube with a new hose;

8, sampling, using a clean bottle containing samples;

Two, experimental purposes

D slurry original diameter of 30um~40um, color: black, viscosity is low; by: " ball-milled " technology to make D slurry particles are small ( mean diameter D50 less than 100nm)

Three, experimental apparatus

Dongguan nice mechanical limited company produces mechanical equipment: CSD-0.3

Turnover type experiment sand mill (structural and grinding cavity for ceramic ), 400W lab dispersion machine, a peristaltic pump, chiller.

Four, the experimental steps

1, first clean work environment, with the irrelevant items removed, keep the experiment table is clean;

In 2, with distilled water cleaning dispersing machine stirring shaft, at the same time on the stirring shaft sleeve tube, and the installation is with distilled water to clean the Teflon dispersion wheel, fixed rubber impeller fastening screw countersunk hole with Teflon seal;

In 3, the CSD-0.3 laboratory grinder for grinding a portion of all parts of all down with distilled water carefully into the clean, while the original mechanical seal off for a new set of mechanical seal;

4, clean new imports of bead diameterφ 0.1~0.3mm zirconium beads, according to the filling ratio of 80% zirconium beads ( 850g ) into clean the grinding chamber, on the cylinder head cover;

5, distilled water for cleaning cooling solvent pot, after cleaning the appropriate amount of distilled water into cooling solvent pot, with distilled water cooling mechanical seal, preventing other cooling liquid contamination grinding D slurry solution;

In 6, according to the requirements of connected circular feed pipe and a discharge pipe, the pipe must be new, but to use distilled water to clean feed pipe;

In 7, according to the request to connect cooling water, cooling water of 10 ℃ ~15℃frozen water, so that the grinding machine CSD-0.3 laboratory sand mill the cooling effect to reach the best state;

In 8, complete all steps, with distilled water cleaning machines until the machine clean.

In 9, sampled during the experiment period, containing sample must be washed with distilled water bottle. The preliminary experimental plan grinding: grinding 5h, 1h after the start of sampling, sampling time: sampling A ( time 1H ), B ( time 2H ), C ( time 3H ), D ( time 5h ).

Five, the experimental results

With Europe and the United States by particle size analyzer, detecting and sampling A ( time 1H ) particle size change to D ( time 5H ) particle size