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    Sand mill CNG series  
Sand mill CNG series
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Product Name:  Sand mill CNG series
Product Model: 
Clock:  690Times
Product Information

WEIMA Disc sander CNG/CND series disc sander

Disc type sand mill is widely used in the field of chemistry. Efficient stirrer and a bucket body structure, giving the grinding medium high strength shear force, suitable sub-micron product dispersing and grinding. Dynamic separation ( dynamic separation system) to ensure the smooth material. CNG/D model is ideal for high efficiency continuous production.

Performance characteristics
★high energy mixer and input density
★convenient operation, high safety
★Strong cooling, suitable for heat-sensitive materials
★For a variety of materials of grinding medium.
★core cavity structure design, the CNG/CND series sand disc sand mill CNG/CND series with the optimum input power, for you to save energy

Technical parameters