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    Large flow turbine type sand mill  
Large flow turbine type sand mill
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Product Name:  Large flow turbine type sand mill
Product Model: 
Clock:  441Times
Product Information

Large flow turbine type sand mill

Through the turbine speed, so that the grinding beads and slurry in the cylinder body to form a plurality of ion flow rotating, thereby ensuring that the short period gathered a huge energy, obtain the best grinding, uniform particle size distribution of nanometer materials; suitable for high yield of work.

Performance characteristics

1, large area of flow separation system, large flow, high energy milling;
2, strong crushing capacity, the best particle size results;
3, pollution-free products the ideal choice; the core components of optional material Zro2, silicon carbide, silicon nitride material, so that the products have high purity, near zero metal grinding;
4, control system manual /PLC automatic control, simple and convenient operation, parameter display is more accurate.

Technical parameters

 78Model Volumeofbarrel(l)
 eofbarrel(l) Model(3)Volu90 12PSES87