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2012 in Beijing CIAMITE exhibition site to meet with you
Editor:    Hits: 658  Date: 2012-10-31

2012 China's new materials industry exposition, August 29, 2012 to the 31st National Convention Center in Beijing held a grand

From the new energy, environmental materials, electronic materials, non-metallic materials industry, domestic scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, the State Key Laboratory of enterprises, exhibitors from countries and regions in the world at the same time, Germany, FCT, United Kingdom, GoodFellow, Sigma, USA-Aldrich, Setaram, France, the United States FEI, Japan HORIBA 荷蘭帕納科, Sweden Kaigenasi, etc., has grown to become the largest and highest professional level material industry event in the industry reputationfor the first exhibition of "Chinese materials.

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